Bill Stoneking

Actor, Comedian, Voiceover Artist, Producer

Actor's Bio

  Bill Stoneking  is a Chicago based screen actor, voiceover artist and comedian, that has appeared in such films as "Public Enemies" (Pipe Smoking Bookie), "I Love you Phillip Morris" (Defense Lawyer) and stars as Dr.Michael Frank in the "Audience Choice", award winning short, "Chemical 12-D."


     Born in Oak Park, IL , Bill grewup in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from the Columbia School of Broadcasting.  Aside from the big and television screens, Bill's voice has been heard nationwide and internationally on radio, television and the internet.


     A published author "The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father's Struggle" (297 pages, $15.42), and loving father, Bill provides the voice for the nation wide television show, "The Merge Outloud (Direct TV )" as well as is the voice of "Pure Stock", a midwestern racing program.  He is also the voice of El Monte RV, your vacation home on wheels.


     As to his voice talent, Bill has done numerous voice-overs and does numerous character voices and dialects and can be heard as the voices of both the animated characters of "Juan Phillipe (Latin)" and "Pierre Montage(French)" in the film, "Burning Tale of Desire" (currently in production) from Mati Media Productions

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