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Hit detection fix bf3

Hit detection fix bf3

Name: Hit detection fix bf3

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MISTUH-SAWDOFF said: Ya the hit detection seems pretty off with that gun same with the 's always been off, mainly with buckshot. bullets stop hitting target as you fire faster it a problem with all weapons fix this please. First of all i like you to watch this video. YES it is the m16 but it is the accuracy and especially the hit-registration.

18 Mar There's this common thinking that BF3's client side hit detection makes players with high ping harder to kill, and get you killed easier. And things. Hey Kevin, I'm playing battlefield 3 and bad company 2 mostly. Also this is the only Hit registration fix that i found, i searched the whole. UPDATE Nov. 17, - This fix also works with Battlefield 4 A fix for Battlefield 3 , Battlefield 4 and other multiplayer games as well, it optimizes your TCP ports.

Besides all the issues this game has, this is a must fix now. i have no problem with the hit detection in fact i think its better than bf3. Battlefield. forum that has some TCP settings that improve your hit detection. play battlefield I was getting the message 'An error was reported from EA. Since begin of the bf3 I was experiencing bad hit detection and I was . that guy from yesterday hitreg fix thread wrote and got no improvement. 21 Jul Battlefield 3 hit detection, netcode and network smoothing Games use UDP which has no error checking, so a packet that is missing will. There are lags, thats what it probably is. not hit detection issue. as f or . often as bullets arround the corner. the only fix i can possibly think of is.

As you should all know, when you peeked around corners in BF3, you could still get shot a second after getting back into cover. Many hoped the hit detection would change from client-side to server-side in order to fix this issue. Hey guys sup, as you may know the bf4 netcode aint fixed even with the lastest update, so im looking for a real way to fix the hit registration. will Venice fix this? because in the beta bf3 they didnt have client side hit registration. when NoFaTe brings us a LAN mode, hit detection would be irrelephant. Well they got major flak for changing Bf 3's hit detection from server Will there be a fix for the netcode and possibly server side hit detection?.


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